It's our job to create, adapt and grow your company's social success.

Our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed in the social media space. As a business, your staff is focused on managing the day-to-day activities that make your business unique. You know social media is important, but you might lack the time and resources to optimize your brand's social media presence internally. You work hard for your business. We work just as hard to ensure that your brand’s message is consistent on social media. By allowing us to handle your social media, we free your time to concentrate on what you do best.

The social media landscape changes often, with industry developments daily. Improve the efficiency and stretch the value of your social media investment by allowing us to handle the research and social media management. No matter what challenges or opportunities come about in social media, we position your business to be ready. Read More>>


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Create buzz without lifting a finger

Why Social Media?

Social media offers all the advantages of traditional media at a fraction of the cost. Never before  have you had instant access to attentive consumers in an environment  that most people visit daily. Social media allows business owners to build relationships with their customers. For the of a traditional print campaign, you can get months of social media management. Instead of un- measurable, one-way communication, you get accurate tracking, word of mouth advertising and human interaction.

Do you need Social Media?

Absolutely! Just like every business needs a name, a phone number and a business card, every business needs social media to stay relevant and reachable. Social media allows you to maintain a modern brand that's at the fingertips of your customers and prospects. It makes your company more human by giving it a voice, personality and responsiveness that's easy for people to engage with.

Consumers are talking. Are you?

Benefits of Social Media

Social Media is significantly less expensive than traditional media.

The most effective way to create word of mouth buzz and sharing.

With Social Media you can reach customers where you know they are.

With analytics you’ll get access to valuable consumer data.

A strong Social brand will help you stay competitive against other businesses.


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“GetMeFriends is simply in a class all by themselves. The GMF team is amazingly accomplished and knowledgeable in ALL of the areas within digital media as well as generous and gracious with sharing any industry knowledge. Any opportunity I have to work with GetMeFriends, I TAKE IT. I couldn't recommend them more highly.”
Kelly Morris, Public Relations Consultant, Owner, Kelly Morris Public Relations

"GetMeFriends have not only improved my company's social media presence, but have taught me a tremendous amount about a new industry critical to the success of my business."
Lauren Barrash, Founder & President, The Houston Wave

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